Wednesday, January 1, 2014

08 Joint Design Nº 417

Bonne année et bonne santé !

I setup my camera and a couple of lights and did a 360 degree turnaround of the carving wax head, stopping at 10 degrees per snapshot, for a total of 36 shots in all. Then I used the convert utility from Image Magick to batch crop the whole mess. I ended up with each photo being 1400x1600 pixels in size. I then used convert to resize that batch to 350x400 pixels. Next I used the animate utility to make an animated GIF of the head turnaround. 36 frames is a fairly smooth stop-motion animation. I made an MPEG video from the animated GIF and uploaded it to YouTube.Com.

I will be studying the full-size snapshots in order to begin refining the head. I seem to be able to spot all sorts of things in a photograph, that I am not able to see in real life. The camera is like a microscope.

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