Saturday, February 15, 2014

08 Joint Design Nº 462

This is a snapshot of the work-in-progress carving wax bjd, test-strung with 3mm round elastic doll cord. Each of the red and green rulers are about 12 and 3/16ths inches (~31cm) in length, for a total of 24 and 3/8ths inches (~62cm). Her overall height right now is about 27 and 3/8ths inches, just a little under 70cm. The other snapshot is from 8 September 2013, which is the earliest standing test-strung carving wax bjd I could find in my collection of WIP snapshots. Click on any image to enlarge it.

While I had the carving wax bjd test-strung, I moved her to an old pillow, then cleaned off my project tray and lined it with some newsprint wrapped in some old brown packing paper. The metal project tray was leaving its mark on the carving wax doll, so it was time to put a lining in it.

  1. Placing the newsprint inside the brown packing paper.
  2. Taping the brown packing paper with masking tape.
  3. The project tray liner flipped over with the carving wax doll on top.

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