Tuesday, February 18, 2014

08 Joint Design Nº 465

I've been thinking about how much detail to put into the ears. In general, the porcelain dolls that I have are cheap Thrift store finds, and the ears are not very detailed at all. I guess this is because a wig usually covers the ears on these dolls. And most of the time, a wig will probably cover the ears of the doll I am making, once she is finished. Since I am making a multiple piece rigid plaster mold of the head, and I do not want to make separate mold pieces for the ears, I am going to make the ears very stylized. I start out by drawing the ear, based on artist's anatomy books. Then I tried to show the planes inside the ear. It probably does not make any sense to anyone but me. Click on any image to enlarge it.

This is my first oil-clay sketch of a stylized ear. It is modeled with Roma Plastilina. This ear is almost the same size as the ears on my doll.

After I modeled the ear, and took the snapshots, I cut it in half to show the planes. The idea is to be able to pull the face out of one half of the mold, in the direction that the arrow is pointing. So the inside of the ear cannot have any undercuts.

Here are a couple of more snapshots of all the doll parts on the project tray.

She is getting closer and closer to being ready for molding. I am finding fewer and fewer low places that need filling. The next step will be to start smoothing the parts with a finer grade of sandpaper.

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