Sunday, February 23, 2014

08 Joint Design Nº 470

Using the matte board ear template I made, I filled in behind each ear with carving wax. I wrapped some aluminum foil around the template so molten carving wax would not stick to it. I used the same template for each ear, flipping it over for each ear. I used the straight pin and bamboo skewer to make sure the template was in the same place for each ear. I pressed the template down flat against the plane of the ear with my finger when I was filling behind the ear with carving wax. I did everything I could think of doing to try and make the two ears as much as the same size as possible. Click on any image to enlarge it.

I finally used all the scrap carving wax filler on my little circle, so I added some more to it. I used a scrap piece of carving wax that I cut off the arms, so long ago. I tacked the scrap piece in place with my wax pen so it would not fall off when I hold it in one hand. The way I have been working with it is to fill the tip of the wax pen with a blob of molten carving wax, then I apply that blob where I need it, making sure to melt the tip of the wax pen into the base carving wax, so the filler and the base become as one piece. Then I use my paring knife, or another carving tool to subtract the excess carving wax from the filled area. I keep my wax pen tip clean by wiping it off on a pair of old rolled up cotton socks. I clean my carving tools by scraping them off on the cut-off edge of a little talc container. When the talc container gets full of scraps, I empty the scraps out into a wax pot, so they can be melted and reused.

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