Monday, February 24, 2014

08 Joint Design Nº 471

I worked on the carving wax ears some more. First I drew a line on the matte board template, representing the outer rim of the ear. Then I used scissors to cut along the line. Click on any image to enlarge it.

Then I pinned the template to the ears and scribed around the cutout with the tip of my paring knife. I flipped the matte board template over to do the ear on the other side of the head.

Next, I drew another line on the template, representing the inner ear, and cut it out with scissors. Then I pinned the template to the ears, as before, and scribed a line around the template. Just as before, I flipped the template over to do the ear on the other side. After I was finished, I put all the pieces of the template back together and taped it up, just in case I need it again. If I don't lose it, having it will save me the time of having to make a new one, if I do need it again. This is one reason why my studio is so cluttered with junk. I save everything.

This is what the scribed ears look like. The scribed lines will be guides that I can use to try and make the ears come out as similar as possible to each other. Using templates is a time-honored technique in traditional sculpture.

Next, I need to start carving. I will be using this practice ear modeled with Roma Plastilina as a reference.

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