Wednesday, March 5, 2014

08 Joint Design Nº 480

Yesterday, I filled in a low spot on the forehead, above the nose, then sanded it with 60-grit sandpaper. Looking at that photo, I can see that the 60-grit sandpaper leaves some fairly deep scratches. Can those scratches be taken out by more sanding, with finer grits of sandpaper? I have 60-100-150-220-grit sandpaper. So I sanded the forehead with each grit, from 100 to 220. The forehead ended up being very smooth. It is as smooth as I want the skin of the final figure to be.

Martha Armstrong-Hand (4 July 1920 - 22 October 2004) recommends doing experiments like this on the back of the head, not on the front. So please do as she says, not as I do.

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