Saturday, March 22, 2014

09 Plaster Production Molds Nº 5

I am going to use Roma Plastilina to make the clay build-up for the carving wax feet. The thing about Roma Plastilina is that it contains sulfur. Please note that some silicon rubbers have an adverse reaction when setting-up if they are in contact with sulfur. So if you are making silicone rubber molds, for casting resin, do not use Roma Plastilina for the clay build-up. In this case, I have about 4 pounds of #2 Roma Plastilina, and I am making multiple-piece rigid plaster slip casting molds, so the sulfur content does not matter. I have prepared the clay by making into small sticks of clay. For better handling, I can warm those sticks up in a hot-box if I need to. If sulfur is not wanted, look for a Non-Sulfur Plastilina (NSP), such as Chavant, Prima, or J-Mac Classic clay.

Other tools include squares, for making the parting line, and small bubble levels to check that the top of the plaster molding table is level. I will discuss plaster molding tables, and surfaces in another post. I will also discuss the parting line in another post. As usual, I am sneaking up on this plaster molding. My recent health emergency has me somewhat scatter-brained. I am struggling to get my head wrapped around working on my doll again. Thank you for bearing with me.

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