Monday, April 7, 2014

09 Plaster Production Molds Nº 19

Making a Plaster Build-up [part 4]

One nice thing about this plaster build-up is that I can use the same build-up for both feet by simply flipping it over for the other foot after this foot is done.

I start by centering the carving wax foot inside the hole in the  plaster build-up. I start filling in around the foot with oil-clay. I will be able to push the foot up and down to get to the parting line.

I work back and forth between the one side of the plaster build-up and the other side, adding oil-clay where needed.

This is an in-progress snapshot of the top of the carving wax foot being filled with oil-clay. I am pressing the oil-clay more towards the plaster than on the foot.

A very nice thing about this plaster build-up method is that there is only a small amount of oil-clay that must be smoothed. The plaster build-up itself is very smooth after I scraped it. Any little negative places on the plaster build-up will be positive on the poured plaster mold piece, and I will be able to remove it easily. So I do not worry about very small imperfections. Mold-making is all about working back and forth between positive and negative.

Once I got the area between the carving wax foot and the plaster build-up filled-in with oil-clay, I used a Jeweler's Magnifier which fits on my head, and various Stainless Steel Tools to smooth the clay and get it into all the little areas around the toes, and so forth. I could adjust the foot by pushing it up or down in the plaster build-up. The plaster build-up was supported on a couple of coils of oil-clay on a small modeling board.

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