Sunday, April 13, 2014

09 Plaster Production Molds Nº 25


I tried to pour the toe piece of the foot mold today, but I made several mistakes, so I don't know how it will turn out? I am going to try and point out my mistakes. The first thing I did was to apply a soap parting agent to the toe area. Click on any image to enlarge it.

I put the coddles in place and secured them with clamps. One thing I forgot to do was to put some coils of clay behind the clay build-up where the build-up meets the coddles on each side.

I needed some extra height, so I put the coddles on top of some pieces of wood to raise them up. What I forgot to do was to press some coils of clay around the bottom to keep the coddles in place while pouring the mold. The vibrator causes the coddles to move if they are not secured by clay coils around the bottom.

I weighed 20oz. of water and 30oz. of plaster, mixed them together, and let the mix slack. Another thing I forgot to do was to let the mix stand long enough for an S to be drawn on the top, before pouring. The mix was too liquid when I poured it.

I turned on the vibrator and poured the plaster. The coddles moved around on the mold table because I forgot to put coils of clay around the bottom of the coddles. Plaster leaked between the build-up and the coddles because I forgot to seal around the build-up and the coddles. I turned off the vibrator. I put the excess plaster from the mixing bowl into the trash container. I washed my hands and mixing bowl in the bucket of water. Never put plaster (dry, set, or wet) in the drain pipes.

Because plaster goes through certain stages before it sets up, I was able to use a tool and get most of the spilled plaster out of the mold. I do not know if this will work? I am going to try, anyway.

So what happened? Why did I make so many mistakes? I must admit that I was not focused on mold making. I was distracted, and I was thinking of other things while I was getting everything setup. I was not in much of a rush. I know better than to try and make a mold when I'm in a rush. I was just not thinking.

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