Monday, April 28, 2014

09 Plaster Production Molds Nº 30

It has been awhile since I worked on this multiple-piece plaster foot mold. It is recommended to wet the surface of the plaster before soaping it, if some time has passed. I use a spray bottle of water to wet the plaster before soaping it. Click on any image to enlarge it.

I apply the soap parting agent.

I clamp the coddles around the mold and secure the coddles in place with some coils of oil-clay.

I tare the mixing bowl to zero on the baby scale. I weigh one pound of water and one and one half pounds of plaster.

I mix the plaster and water together. Always add plaster to water! Let the plaster slack until the water is completely absorbed. Push the island of plaster below the surface and mix until it is creamy smooth, with no lumps. When I can draw an S on the surface with my finger, and it stays, the mix is ready to pour.

I turn ON the vibrator.
I pour the plaster into the coddles evenly.
I turn OFF the vibrator.

I pour the excess plaster into the lined trash can.
I wash my hands, mixing bowl, and tools in the bucket of water.
NEVER put plaster (dry, wet, or set) down the drain pipes.

It takes at least an hour for the plaster to set up completely. The plaster will undergo an exothermic reaction (it heats up). Then it cools down. I usually just walk away from the mold and ignore it for several hours, or even until the next day, before opening the coddles.

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