Wednesday, April 30, 2014

09 Plaster Production Molds Nº 32

This is the last piece of this first foot mold. I apply a soap-water parting agent with a brush.

I clamp the coddles in place and secure them to the table with some coils of oil-clay.

2 parts of water to 3 parts of plaster.

Always add plaster to water. Let the plaster slack. Then push the island of plaster down and mix until there are no more lumps and the mix is creamy smooth. Cold water lengthens the setup time. More agitation shortens the setup time. Allow the mix to stand until an S can be drawn on it, and it stays.

Turn ON the vibrator.
Pour the plaster evenly into the coddles.
Turn OFF the vibrator.

Pour any excess plaster into the lined trash can.
Rinse off your hands, mixing bowls, and tools in the bucket of water.
Never pour plaster (dry, set, or wet) down the drain pipes.

Allow the plaster to setup completely for at least an hour.

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