Thursday, May 1, 2014

09 Plaster Production Molds Nº 33

The second mold piece I made had some problems. The third piece I poured a little bit higher than the second piece. The third piece I poured a little bit higher than the other two. Click on any image to enlarge it.

 I removed the coddles, and the pieces of wood they were raised up with. Then I scraped up the coils of oil-clay that secured the coddles to the molding table. I also split open the mold and removed the carving wax foot.

I replaced the coddles around the mold to hold it together while I evened up the top three pieces of the mold with a Surform tool. A Surform is a great tool to have when making plaster molds. The blade is removable, and it has teeth which are open holes, so they don't get clogged up. The material that is being removed goes right through the holes in the Surform blade.

It didn't take long to make all three top pieces of the mold even.

The Surform blade is easily cleaned in the 5 gallon bucket of water, using an old toothbrush. The plaster has already setup, and even though it is all mushy, it really is just small particles, so it is easy to scrub off the blade.

This is what I have, so far. I will clean up the carving wax foot. I will inspect the mold carefully to see if I need to make any of the pieces over again. I think the toe piece needs to be done again. I may also need to redo the sole piece. It will be easy to do the pieces over again because I already have the other pieces made, and will not have to make build-ups.

Once the mold is finished, I will bevel all the corners with the Surform. I will also need to carve the spare. By leaving the spare until last, I have more time to think about where I want it to go. I am still leaning toward putting it on the bottom of the foot because it will be easier to remove the spare from the bottom of the foot than from the ball joint.

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