Saturday, May 10, 2014

09 Plaster Production Molds Nº 40

I am starting to work on the oil-clay build-up for the left carving wax foot. There is more than one way to make a mold. So I am going to do it differently this time. I am using the plaster build-up, as well as the oil-clay build-up from the last mold, but this time, I am going to have the oil-clay build-up on top, next to the carving wax foot. I will be following the first parting lines. The first thing I did was to put oil-clay in the hollow of the plaster build-up to raise the carving wax foot up to the straight parting line. Then I worked on filling-in some low areas in the oil-clay, trying to make it as flat as possible. The next step is to fill-in the open area around the foot. Then I will add oil-clay up to the original parting lines. This will make the oil-clay build-up have an undulating surface. The important thing to keep in mind while I am doing this is to make the oil-clay build-up 90 degrees to the carving wax foot. With this method, I will make the side pieces first, then the toe piece, then the sole piece last. It has to do with how the pieces are withdrawn from the casting, and the way that I carve the registration keys in the plaster. In the end, I should have a 4-piece mold, very similar to the mold for the right foot. Click on the image to enlarge it.

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