Saturday, June 7, 2014

08 Joint Design Nº 506

Today I filled in the shoulder sockets on the upper carving wax torso. I started out by putting 40mm ping pong balls in the sockets. Then I taped them in place with some masking tape. The reasons I like masking tape are; it is inexpensive, readily available, the adhesive is strong enough, yet it peels off easily, and doesn't leave a sticky or gooey residue behind, and it is somewhat flexible. Click on any image to enlarge it.

I melted some scrap pieces of carving wax.

This is the wax pot; a single burner electric hot plate and an old aluminum pressure cooker pot. The pouring ladle is made from a small steel can with a handle added

I poured the melted carving wax from the wax pot into the pouring ladle, then poured it into the upper torso, through the hole in the waist socket. Once inside the torso, I kept turning the torso until all the molten carving wax solidified over the ping pong balls. Once the carving wax solidified, I ran some cold tap water inside to help cool it down. Then I repeated that until the ping pong balls had a good layer of carving wax solidified over them. 

Now I am waiting for the torso to cool down. I had to handle the torso very carefully during this operation because the whole torso warmed-up quite a bit. I ended up pouring three ladles of carving wax into the upper torso. Now it weighs quite a bit more than it did.

It is very important to turn the wax pot OFF after I am finished melting wax. Even though I am using the wax pot at very low temperatures, at the very least, I do not want to waste electricity.

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