Saturday, June 28, 2014

08 Joint Design Nº 525

I have designed and made the joints, and filled in all the holes in all the parts, so now the only thing left to do is finish refining each part before making a mold for it. Sanding with 220-grit sandpaper made some slight imperfections noticeable, as can be seen in the snapshot below, near the socket. Click on any image to enlarge it.

One way I am trying to smooth those imperfections is by going back one grit of sandpaper, in this case 150-grit, and resanding over the imperfection, then trying again with the 220-grit sandpaper. 220-grit sandpaper is as fine as I am going to go with these doll parts. It leaves a very nice satin finish on the surface. I do not want my doll to have a hard, shiny plastic-looking skin.

The other way to deal with these imperfections is to use my wax pen, fill the imperfection, then scrape off the excess, and sand the area. I will try both ways.

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