Saturday, July 5, 2014

09 Plaster Production Molds Nº 68

I actually started working with the oil-clay build-up today. First, I had to clean it up, removing little bits of plaster, and soap parting agent scum from the slab that I used for the foot. It was easy. I just washed it off under some cool running tap water, using an old paint brush. Then I rolled it out with a rolling pin and some strips of wood, to get a uniform thickness. I filled in the foot area, and added clay to the sides and end, to make the oil-clay slab a little larger than 5x10 inches in area. I trimmed the cardboard template I made with some scissors, then placed it over the slab, in order to trim it to size. Click on any image to enlarge it.

 I used a fettling knife to trim the oil-clay slab to 5x10 inches.

Then I used the knife to trace around the cut-out for the carving wax leg. I cut out the middle first. 

Then I cut up to the line.

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