Tuesday, June 23, 2015

09 Plaster Production Molds Nº 218

After removing the coddles, I used the SurForm tool to bevel all the edges.

Next, I used a knife and a small hammer to open the third mold piece along the mold seam.

It came off easily. I beveled all the edges.

Next, I opened the first two mold pieces.

They opened easily.

I removed the carving wax pattern. It came out easily.

I finished beveling all the edges that needed to be beveled.

I used a pencil to mark the placement of the spare.

I used my paring knife to start cutting the spare at each end.

Then I cut the middle of the spare.

I repeated the same operation to carve the other half of the spare.

This is what the inside of the mold looks like.

I banded the mold and set it next to the furnace to dry. All the other molds are already dry.

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