Tuesday, August 18, 2015

09 Plaster Production Molds Nº 274

I have a one pound ball of worsted-weight acrylic yarn that I got at the Thrift store for a couple of dollars. I used about fifty feet of the yarn to make a ledge around the middle of the mold. I just wrapped it round and round the mold until I was able to tie it off. On top of the ledge I placed some oil clay coils, all connected. On top of the coils I clamped the coddles in place. Once they were adjusted around the mold, and clamped securely in place, I went all around and pressed the oil clay up against the bottom of the coddles. I hope they will make a seal so plaster won't leak out. I also pressed clay coils all around the bottom of the mold to secure it to the mold table. I will be using the mold table vibrator when I pour this mold piece. Click on any image to enlarge it.

I also pressed clay coils along all the vertical seams of the coddles, as well as making sure that the bottoms were also sealed with clay.

There are several places that need some oil clay coils pressed into place as seals.

I rolled out some very thin coils and pressed them into place. This mold is now ready to have the parting agent applied.


volume of mold piece no.3
80.4375 cubic inches

two thirds of the volume is the amount of water to use
80.4375 * .67

one cup equals 14.44 cu.in.
53.89312 / 14.44

one cup of water is eight ounces
3.73221 * 8
29.85768 <-- the amount of water needed (round up to 30)

two parts of water to three parts of plaster
.66666 <-- the plaster consistency

1.87500 (round up to 2)
2.81250 (round up to 3)

I will mix 2 pounds of water to 3 pounds of plaster

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